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Insects, like humans, require food, water, and shelter. Our home provides these needs without having to worry about their main predators such as lizards, bats and owls.

Insects are capable of a high level of penetration in most buildings and can be found almost everywhere even if the area is sealed off. Although most insects prefer natural areas such as fields, forests, and moist soil, some species have left natural surroundings and have become adapted to human environment instead. This is causing considerable damage to our quality of life.

Insects that are considered to be a health hazard tend to stay in dirty and contaminated places such as sewers, garbage, etc., and eventually find their way to our homes, our food and our bodies carrying with them bacteria and parasites that have the ability to harm humans and cause serious diseases that may ultimately culminate in death.

The best way to protect ourselves from harmful insects is to take actions to prevent the penetration and proliferation of these insects. Frequently, however, we have no alternative but to use pesticides.

Pest control operations are performed by using advanced pesticides and are applied by spraying, different areas such as panels, window sills, bathrooms, showers and kitchens.

The frequency of using pesticides in previous decades has created a situation in which different species have developed a resistance to certain pesticides. Moreover, these pesticides have a long duration period and these toxic substances eventually permeated the groundwater harming the fish and insects that are not included in the category of pest control. Furthermore, it is currently impossible to estimate the size and cost of the damage that has been created.

Environmental awareness brought innovation and many harmful materials were banned. Further advancement in the field of insecticides has developed a correct use of pesticides that is not harmful to the environment and does not accumulate in the soil or groundwater.

The most common pests in Israel are: cockroaches, ants, flies, mosquito, wasps, spiders, beetle, termites, moths, fleas, ticks, bed-bugs, mites, silverfish, scorpions centiped.

Except for the ant which is considered an aesthetic nuisance but does not transfer diseases, all other insects can cause harm to people and property.

We in P.Y Pest Control use advanced pesticides, which are not harmful to the environment and do not accumulate in the soil or groundwater. We are constantly working on ways to reduce the impact of pests on humans without causing any damage to the environment.

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