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Rat control

החליפו שפה לעברית

In Israel there are two species of rats:

Rattus Rattus

rat-exterminatorHouse rats prefer vegetarian food, especially fruits, and tend to devour lesser amounts than the Rattus Norvegicus. They are active mainly at night, very sociable and also territorial. They live in large groups, with each group having a dominant male.

This rat probably originated in India or the Middle East, but today it is common worldwide, especially in hot areas.

These animals are very intelligent and are able to learn from the experience of other rats. This rat can jump and climb to great heights and tends to build nests in high places.

Rattus Norvegicus

rat-controlThe Rattus Norvegicus Rat or Beach Rat can eat substances that are not eatable such as soap and shoe polish. This specie also feeds on prey and attacks large animals. Many cases have been documented where rats have gnawed helpless people, such as infants and the elderly.

The origin of the beach rat is probably in East Asia, but is now widespread throughout the world, even in Antarctica! In Israel this rat can be found in the coastal areas.

The rat is active mainly at night, very social and lives in polygamous groups..

Rats learn from experience, and do not eat foods that can cause food poisoning. Nor are they tempted to enter traps after witnessing one of their kind ensnarled in one. Rats are dangerous to people because they are aggressive and live in polluted and infested areas. Fleas carried on their fur spread diseases. The famous epidemic known as the “Black Death” by which 24 million people perished in the middle Ages was distributed by fleas carried by rats.

Rats are very dangerous because when a rat is trapped it becomes very aggressive (reckless) and bites defensively. In such cases, a qualified professional and trusted exterminator should be notified. Never try to capture a rat without the proper equipment, and without contacting a professional pest controller company.



  • Measures used to prevent the penetration of rats include the sealing of points of water piping and electrical connections, installing curtains, nets and covering all food items.
  • Do not leave food and food scraps without covering them, especially during the summer months.
  • Maintain proper sanitation conditions, remove any food that has been exposed, dispose of any solid waste and remove any debris from construction areas.
  • Pest control operations for rats are used as complementary to preventative treatment.
  • In farm areas it is very important to maintain effective organization of pest control operations. In collective farms pesticides should be coordinated among the different sectors to ensure that it will be completed simultaneously.
  • Pest control is done according to the level of rat infestation. The most effective pest control method is to apply blocks or bags containing poison that prevents blood clotting (anticoagulant) into feeding boxes which are designed to bait rodents. These should be maintained on a regular basis. Mortality due to eating rat poison generally occurs on the third day after eating the bait.
  • Upon completion of the pest control operation, rodent traps are placed for monitoring and follow-up purposes.
  • In the case of extermination of rats, toxins should not be redistributed over an extensive area for fear of secondary poisoning.
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